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Hi my name is Martin Frater.

I believe the outdoor environment can bring its own sense of peace and improve our wellbeing. Often, we cannot help being drawn to the natural beauty around us. This can enhance counselling sessions, providing a relaxed, soothing, environment in which to explore deeper difficult issues in a gentle and powerful way.

I work in and around the Glasgow area, including, Pollok Country Park, Queen's Park, Linn Park and Mugdock Country Park. The emphasis is on relaxing peaceful sessions with gentle paths lasting 1-2hrs with only basic jacket and comfy shoes needed. Further details and options can be discussed when arranging sessions. 

The best way to get in touch with me is by email and we can arrange phone calls and sessions from there.

I specialise in providing counselling sessions out in the natural world.  

My key belief is that the outdoor environment is healing and can add real depth to counselling sessions.

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